Medicare Part C

Did you know there are other Medicare plans available beyond what you receive directly from the government? These are called Medicare Advantage, or Medicare Part C, and they are available through private insurance companies. These plans often offer a wider range of benefits, so may cover more than what you currently receive through Medicare. If this sounds like what you are looking for, then we can help set you up with an excellent policy at Better Health For You. Contact us so we can discuss the different types of health care plans we have available, based on your individual medical situation. Our company is in Houston, a quick drive from Salem, MO, Waynesville, Lebanon, and all other local towns in the region.

There are so many plans entering the market today, that it can be confusing to understand which ones are right for you. Better Health For You has friendly and knowledgeable agents on staff who can explain each plan in detail, noting the benefits you will receive through each one. That way, you are informed from the beginning and have the tools you need to choose the best plan for you. We don't want you to feel you are missing any coverage, so we will work closely with you to ensure you are completely happy with your choice. We know that you will leave our Better Health For You office with an excellent plan. 

Medicare Part C is an excellent option for many people, but it is hard to know without understanding how it works. That is why you need the expertise of Better Health For You. We will help you find that plan you have been searching for and get you signed up right away. Look for us on Amber Drive in Houston, MO, not far from Salem, Rolla, Mountain Grove, and all other neighboring towns. Set up an appointment today.

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